I'm a #Freedompreneurist with lifestyle on the road and successful business online. I am a ex-corporate slave that took off to the world with one mission in place - build a business that enables me to travel wherever, whenever. 

I bet that same thought have crossed on your mind too, no?

Don't worry it is perfectly normal to feel like you are just totally different from everyone around and that you think there must be something better than 9-5, mortgage and wasted hours in commute.

My office nowadays changes every couple of months, one day I am working at a local library in Brooklyn, next in a coffee shop in Cuenca, month later friends spare bedroom in Sydney, end of the year co-working space in London, and start next year at a beach in Thailand. 

My Online Business enables me to be anywhere in the world – and I make most of it.

I started my escape with Upwork (Odesk & Elance at the time). As much I loved my clients I soon was hitting income and time cealing. I was not able to scale my business. Something had to change.

So I started to listen what people were asking me all the time. And it was always along the line - how can build a business online?".

My Solution: The Upwork Course.

And income that is not tied my time anymore - bingo!

So I was making money working with awesome clients and passively selling my courses. 

And then I discovered Sales Funnels - and found my calling! I've always been a bit on the tech nerd side and sales funnels enabled me to combine two of my loves - figuring out how entrepreneurs can make more money with their existing skills and how to automate sales with funnels.
Are you working IN your business 
or ON your business?
Let Me Help You Monetize  Your Experience & Expertize
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