The key to successful online freelance business is to make sure clients do all the lead work for you. Meaning clients chase you, versus you for clients.

And for that there is really no better place than

Wait, I know you probably hate Upwork just like about 99% of freelancers. Am I right?

But that fact is the key to your online success! 
Yes, I am serious. 
Because majority of freelances hate Upwork with passion and I repeat with passion, it actually works beautifully to your advantage! 

You know why?

Less competition for high-quality clients and high-paying projects.

Reason why Upwork is so powerful is that your profile indexes on Google pretty quickly so a client searches "think your niche here" on Google, Upwork profiles show up nicely. And all those millions of clients who search within Upwork - your profile will be delivered to clients inbox as a "suggested freelancer".
Upwork has brought me clients that I've worked with for years. I am still on a retainer with one client who pays me regardless if there is work to be done or not. I dont have to send proposals or fight with freelancers from other lower living cost countries, clients find me and hire me based on reviews I have without ever talking with me!
Why You Need to Be on Upwork Today!
If you ask 10 people who know about Upwork, I bet 9 of those will say "I hate Upwork" - this is what I hear everyday. Good thing is that because so many freelancers hate Upwork, it means you NEED to be there! 

You'll overtake a niche quickly and find high-quality clients looking for you on Upwork. 
What's next then?
So you want clients to do the work for you, right?

If you are not already on Upwork, you are missing out project right now!

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